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SCSPCB is a professional PCB & PCBA one-stop manufacturer, which was established in 2000 in ShenZhen, China. We have 3 PCB factories and an SMT assembly plant, which dedicated to PCB design, double-side, multi-layer PCB manufacturing, procurement of components on behalf of customers, and PCBA manufacturing services. We have a complete set of world-class PCB production and testing equipment that can meet any order structure of our customers. We have created a good reputation in the global circuit board market due to precise production positioning, stable delivery and excellent quality assurance. Our company in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system to carefully select materials and carefully product. All delivered products have passed the company’s stringent professional performance testing, which function is stable and can meet the needs of the customer market.

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Shenzhen Factory

Area: 12000㎡ Employees: 460 people Small & Middle volume PCB + Assembly
PCB/Month: 20000﹢㎡ SMD/Month 220﹢millions.

The factory in Shenzhen was built in 2005 , mainly focus on sample fabrication, small and medium quantity orders. Relying on our strong market and technical capacity, Shenzhen factory has very mature quality control system on high-precision multilayer, buried-blind vias, impedance boards, high-frequency boards. For quick-turn sample and small quantities board, we have very stable delivery and process capability which can assure 12-36 hours of delivery to the users hand.

shenzhen factory

jiangsu factory

Jiangsu Factory

Area: 60000㎡ Employees: 600﹢ people 50000﹢㎡/Month
To build China’s Top high-end electronic products PCB manufacturing base.

The factory in Jiangsu was founded in 2014. The company has purchased its own land and built its own plant. It has selected the industry’s newest high-precision automatic production equipment and testing equipment (70% from abroad), mainly to produce high precision double-sided, multi-layer and special board, main products are used: Automotive Electronics, communications, medical, aerospace, artificial intelligence and so on.

Jiangxi Factory

Area: 18000㎡ Employees: 380﹢ people Single-sided
Double sided Metal PCB 20000﹢㎡/Month

The factory in Jiangxi was built in 2010, mainly for single, double-sided and metal-based mass production. The company has advanced production technology, advanced production and testing equipment, perfect quality assurance system, an experienced management team, to provide more efficient service to customers.

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As the world’s leading PCB manufacture, SCSPCB has always adhered to the core value of customer-centric, market-orientation, sincere cooperation and commitment, Strive to provide high-quality service to customers around the world, We not only effort to Achieve a win-win situation with customers and partners, but also actively fulfill social responsibility to be a practitioner of the time responsibility and spreaders of civilization as a corporate citizen.

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